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We need more of her

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definitely :^)

Posted on 2014-12-07 12:04:15
I wrote a Demola character bio (the kind of one you would find on 1d4chan's board-tan pages)

Gender/Physical Description: Hermaphrodite. Caucasian. Has pink hair tied in pigtails. The tips of her hair are ebola strands and also act as tentacles. Green eyes, capable of hypnotizing her victims or luring others in with her cuteness. Thin body, with same build as a younger version of Ebola-chan. She usually only wears a plain white dress with straps, although she might have different coloured dresses stocked away somewhere. Demola possesses regular female genitals under her horsecock, which is peach-toned and covered in her white skin at the base. She doesn't actually have any testicles, yet still has proper ejaculations, which leads others to assume her testicles are inside her body. She usually keeps her horsecock tightly pressed between her dress and skin (which ends up stimulating it and giving her a constant erection). She has light blue horse legs, as one of her mothers is /mlp/. She has a neatly kept brown tail sprouting from the top of her buttocks.

Personality/Habits/Hobbies/Behavior: Demola has an obsession with ponies, dubs, numerous fetishes and world domination. She often eyes potential sexual partners (basically everybody in the 4chan House) and may pull her horsecock out from the confines of her dress in public to try and get their attention, which always fails. Even though her lewdness can result in rape, no other resident of the house can contract ebola after /d/ and Ebola-chan cast immunity spells on every other resident to prevent deaths.

Relationships: Well, first, we need to know her birth story. After /mlp/ and /d/ had completed hours of extreme sex which involved transforming /mlp/'s vagina into a horsecock, they both fell asleep. Young [s4s], wanting /mlp/ to be close with her, snuck into their room and impregnated herself with the fresh puddles of /mlp/'s semen from the floor. At an unknown time, /d/ secretly laid her eggs in [s4s]'s womb and Ebola-chan's love somehow managed to further alter the fetus's DNA with ebola, creating a satyr-futa-hentai-ebola hybrid thing that [s4s] later gave birth to. All four mothers unanimously agreed to parent the child.

Demola gets along well with all her mothers. Her main mother, [s4s], likes to show her new memes and pictures of repeating digits. She also has an incestual relationship with /d/, since incest is a fetish to both parties. With /mlp/, Demola likes to play with her pony figurines, but also has to fulfil /mlp/'s desire to enjoy horse cock. Finally, with Ebola-chan, she wishes to assist with her quest to take over the world, but Ebola-chan says she needs to develop further.

Demola typically doesn't interact with other boards, but is sometimes playing with child-tans like /c/ and /i/.