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I've redirected the front page of to go here instead. It's a much better home page than that ever was.

Welcome to the 4chan House shimmie. This software allows users to upload, tag, browse, and comment on images. Tags are separated by a space. When uploading images, tag them based on which character(s) appear in them. Exclude the slashes (a instead of /a/). Having slashes in the beginning and end of tags makes them unusable. If the image has 3+ characters in it, add the 'group' tag. If it is a multi-panel comic, add the 'comic' tag. You do not need to register to tag/upload/report images.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you cannot upload duplicate images. To clarify, you cannot update images with the same hash. If it is the same image is resized or a pixel is changed, the system will not recognize them as the same. So report duplicates, please!

Comics are unlikely to be in the gallery in the correct order, so visit /comic/.

We have an RSS feed! It should work! If it doesn't, contact